Find & analyze your eBay competitors

See who is beating you in eBay sales & know how to compete on eBay. Compare your rank with top performers and price your products competitively.

Analyze the total sales volume from competitors.

Summarize and quickly analyze the sales volume in the last 30 days from any listings.

The Curl analytics platform helps you find competing listings in eBay's Best Match search then makes it easy to browse past performance for items sold and sales prices.

Link your eBay & Shopify channels together

Compare who ranks highest for sales in eBay Best Match

Know who makes the most sales and who gets found the most in eBay search results. Sometimes the highest ranked seller is not the top performing seller on eBay Best Match.

Analyze your product performance.

Trend sales prices over time

Track when a seller changes their prices to boost sales.

Know how price drops or price increases effects your competitor's performance on eBay's Best Match search. You'll often see a seller drop their price then raise it in order to gain rank on eBay.

Global sales analytics for eBay & Shopify

Know a seller's price sweet-spot

Analyze historical sales prices to know what works best.

See how often a seller uses a specific price point and which one sells the most. Track each performance and know when to match or compete on price for specific sellers in eBay Best Match.

Chart by buyer location in a unified overview

Compare tons of sellers all at once.

Compare up to 50 sellers at one-time in an overview to see who is performing best.

Drill into any seller and know how they are performing vs. the other 49 sellers and how often their listings get found in any given search result.

Filter your eBay or Shopify data.

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