Grow & Analyze
your sales across channels

Link multiple Shopify & eBay channels
together into one unified analytics report

Link eBay and Shopify together.

Analyze top performers & know where to invest.

With curl, you can import & analyze all your sales data from multiple eBay & Shopify accounts.

Link your eBay & Shopify channels together

Compare products sale across channels

Import, filter, & analyze your data by eBay Product Ids (ePIDS) and industry standard product IDs like MPN, UPC, ISBN, MPN, GTIN, etc

Analyze your product performance.

See global sales performance

Analyze & filter sales performance by country.

Know when sales increase or decrease as you launch new regions. Explore seasonality and know how it effects growth in Germany or other countries.

Global sales analytics for eBay & Shopify

Filter & Chart buyer overview by location

At-a-glance buyer location overview metrics.

Click to filter into your sales data easily. Easily know if your international expansion plans are trending well over time.

Chart by buyer location in a unified overview

Over 15 filters to drill into

Easily navigate your information across channels.

See the exact transactions or metrics that matter most. Review all the transactions that makeup the data you're analyzing by each filter.

Filter your eBay or Shopify data.

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